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“Igniting a revolution in scientific research and development”

71a53ef9-c27a-4b0e-b94a-f499800af9b7-620x372The Guardian reports on scientific advances in global health care, highlighting FoneAstra, a collaboration between UW CSE Ph.D. student Rohit Chaudhri, Microsoft Research India, and Seattle global health non-profit PATH.

“For thriving societies, you need healthy communities. But despite significant advances in global health over the past decade, millions of people are still without access to basic healthcare …

“In partnership with global health organisation PATH and the University of Washington’s department of computer science and engineering, the team developed a simple mobile phone app that could play a game-changing role in getting life-saving donated breast milk to newborns. The FoneAstra monitor is one of this year’s winners of GSK and Save the Children’s Healthcare Innovation Award, which aims to help support and scale-up innovations coming out of developing countries that reduce child deaths.”

Learn more about FoneAstra here and here. Read more in The Guardian here.