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2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships: UW CSE rocks!

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program logoThe 2015 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships – the most prestigious graduate fellowships in science and engineering – were announced today. To our delight, UW has the second largest number of fellowship recipients in the “Computer and Information Science and Engineering” category of any institution in the country!

Yvonne Chen


NSF’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program recognizes and supports outstanding student researchers who have demonstrated their potential for significant achievements in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Congratulations to the UW students who were recognized today:

Fellowship awards

Cynthia Bennett (HCDE): Human Computer Interaction

Carlo del Mundo


Yvonne Chen (CSE): Human Computer Interaction

Carlo del Mundo (CSE): Computer Architecture

Alex Mariakakis (CSE): Human Computer Interaction

Laurel Orr (CSE): Databases

Pavel Panchekha (CSE): Formal Methods, Verification, and Programming Languages

Alex Mariakakis


Hannah Rashkin (CSE): Natural Language Processing

John Robinson (HCDE): Human Computer Interaction

Anna Kornfeld Simpson (CSE): Computer Security and Privacy

Doug Woos (CSE): Formal Methods, Verification, and Programming Languages

Honorable mentions

Laurel Orr


Kira Goldner (CSE): Algorithms and Theoretical Foundations

Daniel Gordon (CSE): Robotics and Computer Vision

Jacob Schreiber (CSE): Machine Learning

Go Team!


Doug Woos


Anna K Simpson


Hannah Rashkin


Pavel Panchekha