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UW CSE @ Uber Seattle Engineering Center Launch Party

IMG_4947According to GeekWire, Uber is the 51st company to open an engineering center in Seattle. (See GeekWire‘s interactive map of Seattle engineering centers here.)

At the Uber Seattle Engineering Center launch party last night, speakers included Uber’s new Head of Seattle Software Engineering Tim Prouty (a 2006 UW CSE alum), Tim’s Bay Area boss, Uber’s Director of Infrastructure Engineering Paul Mikesell (a 1996 UW CSE alum), and UW CSE’s Ed Lazowska. Uber Senior Software Engineer Sunil Garg, a 2010 UW CSE alum, came up from the Bay Area for the event.

IMG_4944(Since this was partly a recruiting event, we will refrain from mentioning the other UW CSE alums in the audience …)