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Microsoft’s Brad Smith discusses UW CSE on GeekWire Radio

150410geekwire-620x412Brad Smith’s entire interview with GeekWire‘s Todd Bishop and John Cook is outstanding. But we particularly like this part:

“One of the things ppeole often don’t appreciate is that the Univeristy of Washington Computer Science & Engineering Department is one of the foremost computer science departments in the world. But it’s not big enough. It’s turning students away because it doesn’t have the room to offer them the ability to major in that discipline …

“We need the money to build a second building at the University of Washington, we need the appropriations so that then the enrollment is expanded – you need a building but you need enrollment capacity as well. And we want to see other new steps taken by the University of Washington as well – there are some exciting things that we think are on the drawing board for the future.”

Listen to the entire interview here. Or go directly to our favorite part here.

Thanks Brad!