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UW CSE’s 3rd annual Notkinfest TGIF

dnThe announcement read:

This Friday, 5/8 at 4:30 in the Atrium, we will be holding the 3rd annual Notkinfest TGIF to celebrate the life of former CSE chair David Notkin! Come, eat, drink, and enjoy exciting beard-related activities, which in past years have included “Make your own Notkin beard” and “Pin the beard on the Notkin.” There will be prizes in benson store credit** for “Best Beard” and “Most Creative Beard.”

Check out pictures from Notkinfest 2014 and from the 0th annual Notkinfest (on David’s retirement as chair).

**$43 will be split between the winners to honor the impressively low number of times David wore a tie as CSE chair. He wore a tie only 43/1672 days as chair, for an average of 38 no-tie days for every day wearing a tie. Check out his complete list of tie occasions.

We were particularly pleased that David’s wife Cathy and daughter Emma were able to join this year’s activities!

We miss you, David!

May 9, 2015