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GeekWire: “Paul Allen’s Artificial Intelligence Institute launches startup incubator with top minds in AI”

ai-instituteGeekWire reports on a new startup incubator launched by Paul G. Allen’s Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), where UW CSE professor Oren Etzioni is the CEO:

“‘We are quickly building an element of the Seattle tech ecosystem, and we’ve identified cutting-edge folks who are startup minded,’ said Oren Etzioni, the former University of Washington computer science professor who now leads the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. ‘Once we identify super-talented folks … we give them a lot of freedom to pursue their instincts and initiatives.’ …

“‘Our incubator focuses on the very best technical talent in AI whose work dovetails with the research at AI2,’ said Etzioni, adding that there’s ‘excellent potential for synergy with the technologies’ being developed at AI2.”

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