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The Seattle Times on the job market for this year’s UW graduates

Graduating senior Dan Radion CQ is moving to New York City with his degree in computer engineering and a job.  Wed May 20, 2015   He had five job offers and chose a new company in Manhattan. (on the grand staircase at Suzzalo Library )

CSE senior Dan Radion (on the grand staircase at Suzzalo Library ) – Seattle Times photo

The Seattle Times writes:

“Vivian Yu, a 21-year-old computer-science major at the University of Washington, is graduating this June with a job already lined up – and four other offers she turned down.

“Jessica Ramirez, a UW American ethnic studies major with a concentration in labor studies who is also graduating next month, is having a tougher go of it …

“Similarly, Sarah Croft, 21, a UW biology major, said she was finding it hard to land a job related to biology or chemistry with only a bachelor’s degree …

“Within the UW’s highly ranked computer-science and engineering program, many of the graduating students had lined up jobs by last fall …

“Dan Radion, a 21-year-old UW computer-engineering major, also fielded about five job offers before deciding to work for New York City-based Analytics Media Group starting in July.”

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