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Seattle Times: “Legislature should fund UW computer science expansion”

d3154eb8-0a4c-11e5-938d-f2889198f979-780x1257The Seattle Times editorial board writes:

“WHILE computer science and engineering jobs boom in Washington, the state is graduating too few of its own residents in this field, which plays such a crucial role in the state’s fortunes.

“The University of Washington argues persuasively that it needs more space to address the demand both from students and employers.

“The state Legislature should appropriate funds this year to help pay for a new 130,000-square-foot computer science and engineering building.

“The university asked lawmakers for $40 million of the $105 million total, with plans to raise the remaining costs from private donors. So far, the Senate’s capital budget set aside $32 million, while the House budget appropriated only $6 million …

“Washington is fortunate to have a thriving technology industry. State lawmakers and educators must enable more homegrown students to prepare for and seize these opportunities.”

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