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UW CSE’s “art for geeks” nurtures students’ creativity and technical excellence

CSE131 student photographyUW CSE faculty member (and unofficial department photographer) Bruce Hemingway has released his picks among the final projects submitted by students in his Spring 2015 CSE131 course, The Science and Art of Digital Photography.

Interestingly, the major with the greatest number of students enrolled in the course was math, followed by a mix of the sciences, various engineering fields and economics. As Bruce says, it’s “art for geeks!” In total, more than 180 students from 38 different majors or pre-majors explored the fundamentals of digital photography in his class, including computational imaging, photographic composition and design, and the future of internet-enabled photography.

Bruce’s teaching combines art and history with science and technology, with some truly stunning results. Check out his top picks from among the students’ final projects here.