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Alumni panel at CS4HS

alumsThis is the 9th year of UW CSE’s CS4HS, a 3-day summer workshop on computer science for middle school and upper school math and science teachers from the Puget Sound region.

A highlight every year is a panel of alums who discuss what their work life is like, how their UW CSE education prepared them for their careers, and what K-12 experiences prepared them for UW CSE. This year’s panel included (L-R) Taylor Williams (Intentional Software), Jeff Prouty (Google), Dana Wen (Clean Power Research), Tam Armstrong (an unnamed startup after a number of years at Bungie), and Carolyn Hugues (EMC Isilon).

Learn all about CS4HS here. Learn about DawgBytes (“A Taste of CSE”), UW CSE’s extensive K-12 outreach program, here.