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UW’s Tom Daniel on PBS NewsHour: “How studying insects may lead to smarter drones”

UntitledA terrific 8-minute piece on PBS NewsHour describing the research of UW CSE adjunct professor (and UW Biology professor) Tom Daniel:

“Aviation technology continues to evolve, and in recent years, there’s been a big push by both private companies and the military to make more sophisticated pilotless aircraft or drones.

“A new research project led by the University of Washington is part of that effort and it aims to uncover the aeronautical secrets of some of nature’s best designed flyers, insects.”

The interview reveals deep scientific secrets such as:

“Hari Sreenivasan (PBS): ‘So how does a bee with such a large body and such tiny wings actually fly?’

“Tom Daniel: ‘It beats its wings really fast.'”

Check it out here.