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“UW Tech Grads Among the Most Talented in the Nation”

UntitledWe admit it … this is pretty close to us talking about ourselves … but not quite.

UW !MPACT, “Informed Advocates of the University of Washington,” blogs:

“Recent UW alums don’t have to get too far off-campus to find a use for their newly-minted technology degrees. Washington’s booming tech industry is responsible for employing 238,900 people, and bringing in over $37 billion in revenue, according to a recent Washington Technology Industry Association study.

“Not only are our grads located in the heart of the state’s tech hotbed, they also turn out to be among the best-equipped to make an impact in the tech world, according to a new ranking. The UW ranked #2 on a list of the public universities that produce the best startup talent.”

The post contains additional information on the need to increase CSE’s enrollment, and provide expanded facilities.

Thanks, UW !mpact. Read more here.