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Google honored as UW Presidential Laureate


The Google/CSE table at the UW Annual Recognition Gala: Darcy Nothnagle, Stephen Court, Dana Prouty, Jeff Prouty, Ed Lazowska, Lee Smith, Charlie Reis, Kate Everitt, Nicki Dell, Steve Seitz, and Lyndsay Downs

Google was honored on Friday, at the University of Washington Annual Recognition Gala, as the latest UW Presidential Laureate – individuals and organizations who have donated more than $10 million to the University of Washington.

The vast majority of Google’s generosity has come to CSE, in the form of research gifts and matches of philanthropic gifts by employees. We’re extremely grateful to companies such as Google for their support of our work.

At the event, recent UW CSE Ph.D. alum Nicki Dell described one aspect of the impact of Google’s generosity: the creation of Open Data Kit by Gaetano Borriello’s research group, used throughout the world for data collection in low-resource environments.


Jeff Prouty manages to heft Google’s UW Presidential Laureate Commemorative Globe