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UW CSE Ph.D. alum Chris Re wins MacArthur “Genius” Award

headshot_chris2009 UW CSE Ph.D. alum Chris Ré is one of 24 recipients of 2015 MacArthur Fellowships – colloquially referred to as “genius awards.”

Chris – a student of Dan Suciu – is a star in data management/analysis, currently on the computer science faculty at Stanford. Quoting from the MacArthur Foundation:

“Christopher Ré is a computer scientist democratizing big data analytics through theoretical advances in statistics and logic and groundbreaking data-processing applications for solving practical problems. Ré has leveraged his training in databases and deep knowledge of machine learning to create an inference engine, DeepDive, that can analyze data of a kind and at a scale that is beyond the current capabilities of traditional databases.”

Read more at the MacArthur Foundation website here. UW News post here.

Congratulations Chris!!!!!