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Madhouse at UW CSE resume review workshop!

IMG_5749UW CSE’s annual Industry Affiliates Meeting takes place next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday:

  • Monday: recruiting by startups and smaller companies, followed by a “startup pitch gong show” and a Q&A session
  • Tuesday: a day of research interactions, followed by an early evening Open House  with posters and demos for affiliate, alumni, and friend, including the awarding of the Madrona Prize
  • Wednesday: recruiting by established companies

In the run-up, 315 student resumes were reviewed on Tuesday by 15 exhausted industry volunteers!IMG_5750 Many thanks to Cynthia Claeys, Brittany Ruiz and Carolyn Balousek (Google), Greg Geiger and Kerri Keafer (Amazon), Jennifer List and John Schmid (Marchex), Liz Symes (Zillow), Ken Parker and Robert Noble (Indeed), Hilary Ayers and Anne Moergeli (Redfin), and Brooke Simpson, Chelsey Rooney, and Brandon Feicho (Microsoft)!

Next prep event: practice interviews on Thursday!

Learn more here! And please plan to attend Tuesday evening’s Open House, 5:00-7:00 p.m.!