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UW CSE alum Brandon Lucia recognized for “Valor” at OOPSLA 2015

Brandon LuciaUW CSE alum Brandon Lucia (Ph.D., ’13), now on the faculty at Carnegie Mellon, collected a Distinguished Paper Award and a Distinguished Artifact Award at OOPSLA 2015 last week for the paper, “Valor: Efficient, Software-Only Region Conflict Exceptions.”

Valor is a novel, software-only region conflict detection analysis that achieves high performance by eliminating the costly analysis on each read operation required by previous approaches. Existing techniques either modify hardware or slow programs dramatically, precluding always-on use. As the first region conflict detector to provide strong semantic guarantees for racy program executions with less than 2X slowdown, Valor represents the state of the art in always-on support for strong behavioral guarantees for data races. With Valor, Brandon and his fellow researchers address a fundamental barrier to providing well-defined programming language specifications and to writing correct shared-memory, multithreaded programs.

Read the winning paper, which was co-authored by Swarnendu Biswas, Minjia Zhang and Michael Bond of Ohio State University, here.

Congratulations to Brandon and his colleagues on the double win!