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“Dear GeekWire: A coding bootcamp is not a replacement for a computer science degree”

matchbook both sidesUW CSE’s Ed Lazowska responds to an article in GeekWire by Jeff Meyerson of Software Engineering Daily, titled “Coding bootcamps question the need for computer science degrees.”

“One of the many great things about the tech industry is that it creates all kinds of jobs for all kinds of people with all kinds of preparation.

“But students, their parents, and adults seeking to re-direct their careers shouldn’t kid themselves about what sort of preparation is most likely to lead to a career as a software engineer at a leading-edge tech company – whether the smallest startup, or one of the giants like Amazon, Google, or Microsoft. …

“Marijuana is making a comeback in Washington, and with it, books of matches. Keep an eye out for the 21st century version of the advertisement to the right – with women included, and an additional zero on the salary.”

Read Ed’s complete post here.