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It’s G-Give week at Google!

UW CSE G-Give 2015In 2011, two UW CSE alums at Google, Jessan Hutchison-Quillan ’07 and Krista Davis ’05, created G-Give, a concept and a software platform through which Googlers’ gifts to select non-profits are matched twice: once by the company, and once by Googlers who serve as sponsors for the non-profits.

G-Give 2015 takes place this week – November 30 through December 4. We’re honored that UW CSE’s Google Endowed Scholarship will be included for the 5th consecutive year. Thanks to the generosity of friends and alumni at Google, our many G-Give sponsors over the years, and Google’s generous employee gift matching program, our Google Endowed Scholarship now is valued at more than $1 million – UW CSE’s largest undergraduate scholarship fund by far.

It’s the role of America’s great public universities to provide socioeconomic upward mobility, through superb education, to smart, motivated students from their regions. To continue to fulfill this role – to remain accessible in the face of decreasing state support – UW must increasingly rely on scholarship endowments. UW CSE’s students are blessed by the loyalty and generosity of our many alumni and friends at Google and elsewhere.

Googlers: Download UW CSE’s G-Give 2015 poster here.