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UW CSE Ph.D. alums Geoff Voelker and Stefan Savage immortalized

GeoffStefanUC San Diego Computer Science & Engineering Ph.D. student Neha Chachra defended her thesis today. In an effort to divert the attention of her thesis advisors – UW CSE star Ph.D. alums and long-time UCSD CSE star faculty members Geoff Voelker and Stefan Savage – she presented each with a hand-crafted bobblehead as a parting gift.

Stunning likenesses! (And Geoff and Stefan are probably easier to take in plastic form … at the very least, they can be made to nod “yes” …)

(Congratulations to Neha for sailing through her defense – based on terrific research, not bobbleheads. And thanks to Alex Snoeren for the photo.)