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Doug Walker, 1950-2015

160101-doug-walker-mn-1415_7b143d6d86faac3bf2d7e181b2a7064d.nbcnews-ux-600-480We remember Doug Walker, a long-time friend of UW CSE and co-founder in 1981 of WRQ, a top-20 software company in its day. Doug went missing Thursday afternoon while snowshoeing with friends on Granite Mountain in the Cascades, and was found dead on Friday by a search and rescue team.

It’s impossible to convey what Doug (always along with his wife Maggie) has meant to the Seattle community. Obviously WRQ. Philanthropy – to the University of Washington, the Seattle Parks Foundation, the Hutch, MOHAI, and many other causes – including the co-founding of Social Venture Partners and the Seattle Parks Foundation. Conservation. Mountaineering. Cycling.

A truly wonderful human being, who died doing what he loved.

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