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UW researchers shine at CSCW 2016

Our friends at Georgia Tech’s GVU Center prepared an interactive graphic showing the number of papers and authors by organization at the upcoming ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2016). UW tops the list, with 15 papers at the conference representing contributions from 46 distinct authors—ahead of such heavyweights as Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, MIT and Georgia Tech itself. The variety of submissions involving UW authors illustrates the strength of our collaboration across multiple departments and with outside research organizations, and teams with UW authors earned a total of three Best Paper Awards and three Honorable Mentions.


The award-winning paper Boundary Negotiating Artifacts in Personal Informatics: Patient-Provider Collaboration with Patient-Generated Data is  the product of a collaboration between UW CSE professor James Fogarty, HCDE professors and CSE adjuncts Julie Kientz and Sean Munson, HCDE Ph.D. students Chia-Fang Chung and Kristin Dew, Family Medicine professor Allison Cole and physician Jasmine Zia. The paper examines how patients and providers collaborate in the age of patient-generated data enabled by wearable sensors and smartphone apps, and makes recommendations for the future development of personal informatics systems and practices to address privacy concerns and remove barriers to more effective patient-provider collaboration.

Another Best Paper winner, You Get Who You Pay for: The Impact of Incentives on Participation Bias, was co-authored by HCDE professor (and CSE adjunct) Gary Hsieh and HCDE Ph.D. student Rafal Kocielnik. That paper examines how incentives influence who participates in crowdsourced tasks, and how participant self-selection results in different outcomes.

Other CSCW contributors with a UW CSE connection include UW CSE professors Oren Etzioni, Jeffrey Heer and Dan Weld; Ph.D. students Jonathan Bragg and Shih-Wen Huang; and HCDE professors and CSE adjuncts Cecilia Aragon, Daniela Rosner and Kate Starbird (whose papers earned Honorable Mentions) and iSchool professor and CSE adjunct Jacob Wobbrock.

Check out the GVU Center graphic here and explore the complete list of CSCW papers here.

Way to go, everyone!