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Justin Hsia to join UW CSE faculty

Justin HsiaJustin Hsia, currently a postdoc in UC Berkeley’s Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences department, will join the UW CSE faculty as a lecturer in the fall. Hsia earned his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in EECS and B.S. degrees in EECS and Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, where his research focuses on synthetic biology and biological systems analysis as a member of the Networked Dynamical Systems Group.

Hsia will arrive at UW CSE with extensive experience in teaching both lower and upper division coursework, including classes in computer architecture, microelectronic circuits, and feedback control systems. He is currently a co-instructor of The Beauty & Joy of Computing, a course that introduces students without programming experience to computer science principles and the field’s impact on society.

Hsia was recognized with UC Berkeley’s Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award and was one of only a few graduate students invited to teach a summer course as an instructor. Hsia has demonstrated a strong commitment to mentorship, having worked with visiting high school students and undergraduates—so he will fit right in with UW CSE’s student-centric culture and focus on K-12 outreach.

We are looking forward to welcoming Justin to the UW CSE family! Stay tuned for updates as faculty recruiting season progresses.