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UW CSE’s Shyam Gollakota: powering the Internet of Things and making magic through collaboration

gshyam_newUW CSE professor Shyam Gollakota of the Networks & Mobile Systems Lab recently shared with Medium details about the development of Passive Wi-Fi—the breakthrough technology that could usher in a new era of mobile computing and power the Internet of Things—with industry blog Inside Frequency Control.

In the interview, Gollakota talked about how Passive Wi-Fi could eliminate power consumption as a barrier to creating a truly smart environment in which every device and every object can communicate. He also emphasized the importance of collaboration when asked what advice he would give to aspiring engineers, saying he draws inspiration from the perspectives of people outside of his own field.

It’s an interesting read about a truly cutting-edge project from an interdisciplinary team that includes UW Electrical Engineering Ph.D. students Bryce Kellogg and Vamsi Talla and joint UW CSE and EE professor Josh Smith. Check out the full interview on Medium here.