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UW CSE’s celebration of “Inspirational Teachers”

CSE 2016 Inspirational Teacher DinnerEvery year, we in Computer Science & Engineering invite our new majors to identify their most inspirational high school or community college teacher – the teacher (each of us had one!) who changed their perception of what they should aspire to. We host these teachers, their partners, and the students who nominated them for dinner in the Allen Center (plus a bit of propaganda designed to encourage the teachers to send us more great students!).

From early learning through graduate school, all educators are in the same business. Parents entrust us with their most precious asset – their children. We do our best to help these kids achieve their potential. When they excel – which is almost always, given the amazing raw material with which we are entrusted – we take pleasure in the fact that we’ve played at least some small role in that success.

Congratulations and thanks to UW CSE’s 2015-16 Inspirational Teachers – nominated by our students for the difference you’ve made in their lives.