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Demo day for UW CSE’s VR/AR capstone course!

hololensclass_0966-630x420A super GeekWire article:

“What happens when a group of talented computer science students at the University of Washington get to play with a HoloLens device for 10 weeks as part of a first-of-its-kind class?

“Well, a little bit of everything.

“The UW hosted a demo day on Thursday afternoon for its first-ever virtual and augmented reality capstone class that gave students from one of the nation’s top computer science departments a chance to develop apps for Microsoft’s HoloLens device.

IMG_20160609_155750“The energy inside the UW CSE building was buzzing as attendees tested out an array of fun and entertaining futuristic applications that ranged from making spring rolls to playing chess to learning piano to flying paper airplanes to destroying giant eyeballs.”

Read the GeekWire article here, and coverage by TechCrunch here. Find links to project websites through the course website here. Additional photos here.

Each year UW CSE offers a variety of “capstone courses” on various themes, in which teams of students conceive and carry out complex projects. These experiences are a key reason our students are in such high demand. The themes of some of this year’s capstones include robotics, games, accessibility, digital animation, computer animation, and augmented/virtual reality.

The AR/VR capstone was a first, nationally – an opportunity for students to work with the very latest technology, coached by some of the greatest minds in AR and VR from academia and industry. Microsoft, Google, Oculus, and Valve sponsored the course in tremendously important ways – for example, Microsoft provided 25 Hololens systems and extensive technical support.