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UW CSE invades the Bay Area!

UW CSE faculty and guests at the Computer History Museum

UW CSE took over the Computer History Museum in Mountain View for our annual Bay Area alumni meet-up yesterday. Nearly 200 alumni and guests joined us at one of our favorite events of the year, where we enjoy connecting with old friends and new—and the chance to geek out over the museum’s fantastic exhibits. UW CSE faculty members Luis Ceze, Zorah Fung, Dan Grossman, Yoshi Kohno, Ed Lazowska, Hank Levy and Franzi Roesner met up with a couple of new colleagues currently in the Bay Area: UW CSE alum Kurtis Heimerl, who is joining our ICTD Lab faculty in the fall, and Justin Hsia, who also will arrive in the fall after finishing up a postdoc at UC Berkeley.

UWCSE-Bay-Area-Crowd-Speeches-2016During our visit, we took time out for a spin (not really!) in one of Google’s self-driving cars on display. We also celebrated CSE affiliate professor Dave Cutler’s selection as a Fellow of the Computer History Museum, in recognition of his “fundamental contributions to computer architecture, compilers, operating systems and software engineering.” Last but not least, we experienced a blast from the past when we found an exhibit highlighting the ERMA project. ERMA was the first electronic banking system and was developed by a team led by UW CSE’s founding chair, Jerre Noe, back when he was at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the 1950s.

Many thanks to the museum for being such a great host and to all of our wonderful alumni and friends who joined us at the event. You make UW CSE proud! See you next year!