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10th Anniversary of UW CSE’s CS4HS


Tom Cortina (in UW purple) guides the teachers through a sorting network outside the Allen Center

This year marked the 10th anniversary of UW CSE’s CS4HS summer workshop for middle school and high school math and science teachers.

UW, CMU and UCLA pioneered the program in 2007 with support from Google. At UW, we focus on teachers of mathematics and the natural science from the Puget Sound region, hoping to give them the resources to incorporate modern, fun, and accessible computer science elements into their teaching. Of equal importance, we seek to establish a supportive community among these teachers, and between these teachers and UW CSE – a “safety net” that instills the confidence to take a risk with new approaches. Between 40 and 80 teachers participate annually – roughly 600 since the start of the program.


Alex Mariakakis shows off research in the Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory

For 9 of the 10 years, Tom Cortina, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education at CMU’s School of Computer Science, has joined us, contributing enormously to the success of the UW program. Thank you Tom!

Learn more about UW CSE’s CS4HS here. Learn about DawgBytes, our broad-based K-12 outreach program, here. Check out a recent post on our DawgBytes summer day camps for middle school and high school students here.