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Paul G. Allen School hosts PoCSci 2017

Max Willsey presents (“tuple”), a new computing substrate destined to bury Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Camille Cobb looks on in disbelief – “I have to follow this guy?!?!” The bare foot of a potential VC intrudes from the left.

On Friday May 12, the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering once again hosted the annual Symposium of Potentially Computer Science (PoCSci). Quoting from General/Program Chair John Toman:

We invite you, your friends, loved ones, and pets to submit your best potential computer science research for presentation at this prestigious venue.

Potential areas of potential computer science include:

  • Pun Based Research
  • Barnyard Data Science
  • Cross-disciplinary research combining CS and French Existentialism
  • Bad Docker Jokes
  • Political-Figure Inspired Languages
  • … and more!

I am also very happy to announce a brand new Tech Transfer Track. This is your chance to pitch your potential computer science to potential Venture Capitalists looking to invest in potential startups. Come prepared to answer questions and use the word “disrupt” a lot.

This year we will be using a new 0-round review process. No abstract submission, or any submission at all is required to present.

James Mickens was unable to make it this year; he has a real job now, working for a hedge fund guy.