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Allen School student Fereshteh Sadeghi wins NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship

Fereshteh SadeghiFereshteh Sadeghi, a Ph.D. student in the Allen School’s Graphics & Imaging Laboratory (GRAIL), has been named a 2017 NVIDIA Graduate Fellow. Sadeghi, whose research combines robotics, deep reinforcement learning, and computer vision, is one of only 10 student researchers across the United States selected to receive the fellowship.

The NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship program supports research that spans all areas of computing innovation, with particular interest in projects that will drive advances in artificial intelligence, deep neural networks, autonomous vehicles, and related areas. Sadeghi earned a fellowship for her work on autonomous robot controllers with Larry Zitnick, Allen School affiliate professor and research manager at Facebook AI Research (FAIR), and professor Sergey Levine of the EECS department at University of California, Berkeley, where Sadeghi is currently a visiting student. Her research combines recent developments in 3D graphics simulation and deep reinforcement learning to produce robot controllers capable of performing a variety of tasks in real-world settings.

Previously, Sadeghi worked with Zitnick and Allen School professor Ali Farhadi on advancing the state of the art in computer vision, including common-sense visual understanding, visual analogy, knowledge extraction, and scene recognition.

Congratulations, Fereshteh!