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Allen School faculty and alumni gather at annual DARPA ISAT meeting

Every August, the members of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Information Science and Technology study group (DARPA ISAT) gather in Woods Hole, Massachusetts for their annual summer meeting to discuss the future of computing and communications technologies.

As professor and past ISAT Chair Ed Lazowska notes, the Allen School tends to be “wonderfully over-represented” at these meetings and on the ISAT study group in general. No fewer than 11 current members have Allen School connections, including three newly appointed to the group this year: professor Jeffrey Heer, director of the Allen School’s Interactive Data Lab, and alumni Ed Felten (Ph.D., ’93), a member of the faculty at Princeton University, and Emin Gun Sirer (Ph.D., ’02), a faculty member at Cornell University.

Since 1987, the U.S. Department of Defense has relied on the 30 scientists and engineers who serve on the DARPA ISAT study group to provide ongoing, independent assessment of the state of advanced information science and technology and to recommend new directions in research.

Allen School faculty and alumni at the 2017 DARPA ISAT study group meeting

The Allen School/DARPA ISAT family. Front row, left to right: bachelor’s alumnus Hakim Weatherspoon (professor at Cornell); professors Ras Bodik, Luis Ceze, and Jeffrey Heer; and Ph.D. alumnus Brandon Lucia (professor at Carnegie Mellon). Back row, left to right: Ph.D. alumna Roxana Geambasu (professor at Columbia); professor Ed Lazowska; adjunct professor Tom Daniel (UW Biology); and Ph.D. alumnus Ed Felten (professor at Princeton). (Not present: professor and Ph.D. alumna Franziska Roesner and Ph.D. alumnus Emin Gun Sirer (professor at Cornell).)