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Professor Jennifer Mankoff recognized with GVU Impact Award

Jennifer MankoffProfessor Jennifer Mankoff, a member of the Allen School’s human computer interaction research group, has been honored with a GVU Impact Award from the GVU Center at her alma mater, Georgia Tech. To mark its 25th anniversary, the center recognized Mankoff and 13 other current or former members who have had a significant impact on the world and contributed substantially to GVU’s reputation, influence, and community in pursuit of its mission to improve the human condition through technology.

Mankoff earned an Impact Award for her contributions to accessibility, health, and sustainability through research that combines empirical methods and deep technical innovation. She is widely known for her people-centric approach to technology, such as her novel use of 3D printing to create personalized assistive technologies for people with disabilities — work which, like all accessibility research, will ultimately benefit everyone. Mankoff also has explored the use of natural materials in computing, including embedding textiles in 3D printing and creating knitted objects programmatically, and developed tools and techniques to assist people in managing chronic illness.

“Each of the individuals featured…embodies the interdisciplinary mindset and commitment to real-world impact that is a hallmark of GVU’s identity,” Keith Edwards, director of the GVU Center, said in an announcement. “Through their leadership, service, and research excellence, they have changed the way we use computing technology, advanced the frontiers of knowledge, and strengthened the GVU community at Georgia Tech.”

Mankoff earned her Ph.D. in 2001 working with Gregory Abowd and fellow honoree Scott Hudson. She joined the Allen School faculty as the Richard E. Ladner Professor this fall after spending 13 years on the faculty of Carnegie Mellon University, where she was a professor in the HCI Institute. Before her arrival at CMU, Mankoff was a faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley.

The GVU Center formally recognized Mankoff and her fellow Impact Award winners at its 25th anniversary celebration earlier today.

Congratulations, Jen!