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Director Hank Levy reflects on the growth of Seattle tech and using computer science to solve grand societal challenges in GeekWire podcast

Photo: Todd Bishop/Geekwire

“I’m biased, but I like to say that there’s never been anything like computer science. I don’t think in history there’s been anything that’s been on an exponential growth curve for 50 years without stop. And that gives you some remarkable things.” – Hank Levy, Director of the Allen School & Wissner Slivka Chair in Computer Science & Engineering

After 13 years at the helm of the University of Washington’s Computer Science & Engineering program — first as department chair, and then the first-ever director of the Paul G. Allen School — professor Hank Levy will step down at the end of June. In a wide-ranging conversation with reporter Todd Bishop, Levy reflected on the change he has witnessed in the field of computing, in how we educate the next generation of computer scientists and engineers, and in the size and reach of the local technology community in the latest GeekWire podcast.

Listen or read a transcript of the interview here.