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UW CSE’s Nell O’Rourke to address Rising Stars workshop at MIT

Nell O'RourkeUW CSE Ph.D. candidate Nell O’Rourke will be a featured speaker at the annual Rising Stars career-building workshop for women in computer science and electrical engineering. More than 60 promising graduate students and postdocs from around the world will gather at MIT next week for a series of research talks, career advice and networking aimed at supporting young female scholars interested in pursuing careers in academia.

Nell, who works with professor Zoran Popović in UW CSE’s Center for Game Science, is one of only a dozen computer science participants selected to address the group. Her talk, “Educational Systems for Maximizing Learning Online and in the Classroom,” describes the design and evaluation of novel systems to support motivation, personalization and formative assessment in educational environments.

From the abstract:

“My findings provide new insights into how students learn and how computing systems can support the learning process. The ultimate goal of my research is to build personalized data-driven systems that transform how we teach, assess, communicate, and collaborate in learning environments.”

Learn more about the Rising Stars program, which MIT launched in 2012, here.

Read our previous coverage of Nell, who is also a 2015 Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholar, here.

Congratulations, Nell, and thanks for representing UW CSE! (And, good luck on the job market this year!)