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UW CSE’s Martin Tompa welcomes students to weekly Schnapsen-fest

Schnapsen game in the Allen CenterUW CSE professor Martin Tompa welcomed “a veritable horde” of undergraduate students to the first weekly Schnapsen game of the winter quarter. Schnapsen is the national card game of Austria, which Tompa uses to illustrate many probability topics in his CSE 312 course. Tompa published the definitive guide to winning at Schnapsen last September.

The very active UW Schnapsen Club provided pizza and hand-made cookies in the shapes of the Austrian card suits. Club members partnered with novice Schnapsen players from CSE 312 to teach them the basics.

Tompa reflected, “In the age of distributed video games, it’s surprising and heart-warming that so many students are engaged in this old-school, face-to-face activity and having so much fun with it.”

The students play every Friday afternoon from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, and they welcome all comers. Read our previous coverage of Tompa’s devotion to Schnapsen here.