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Top 10 First-Choice Majors of UW Confirmed Incoming Freshmen – 2016 Edition

Top 10 with borderThe results are in: CSE is now the first choice major of more of the University of Washington’s confirmed incoming freshmen than any other field.

We need to grow in order to be able to accommodate more of these students! And we’re trying!

Our friends at GeekWire picked this up:

“‘At UW and across the nation, student interest in computer science is booming,’ said Ed Lazowska, the Bill & Melinda Gates chair in the UW department of Computer Science & Engineering, in an email to GeekWire this morning. ‘It’s visible in 3 ways: enrollment in introductory courses, interest in upper-division courses by students majoring in other fields, and demand for the major.’ …

“‘Inevitably there are cycles in demand,’ he concluded. ‘But the long-term trend is clear — due to the long-term role of computer science in the world. And our region is at the center of much of this.'”

Much more detail in the GeekWire post here.

And check out the job demand data, here – “It’s all computer science!”